Archaeologists have discovered well preserved structures that date back to the time of King Solomon

Greetings and shalom everyone!

It has been far too long since I last posted something. I’m sure you must have feared that I was dead or had exiled myself to a hermit cave in the wilderness. Alas, that is not true. Anyway, life has been busy and fulfilling but it always keeps me on my toes. In my defense, I have posted things in the not-too-distant past, as I completed my second historical-fiction novel 164 B.C. A War of the Jews…I have just not kept my usual posts on archaeology and the Bible up to date. Anyway, that era is over and I am here to share with you an exciting piece, recently published in the archaeological world, regarding the excavations and research done at the Timna Mines in the southern deserts of Israel. I, myself, have been to these mines and it is definitely a sight to behold if you are in the land and interested in Biblical history and archaeology. But here it is. Just click on the following link: and enjoy a great read about the ongoing world of archaeology and the Bible.

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Peter J. Fast

P.S. For those who care for an update, I am currently doing my research for my third historical-fiction novel in the Wars of the Jews Series, which will be entitled, 135 A.D. A War of the Jews.