Sending Cold Items to Other Provinces Made Easier with Deliveree

Delivering products like frozen food, seafood, fruits, and vegetables to far-off places requires transportation at a constant temperature to ensure freshness. If cold goods are not transported carefully, it could spoil them. ส่งของเย็นไปต่างจังหวัด is easy now without any worries with the help of refrigerated trucks.

Products that refrigerated trucks transport

A refrigerated truck is useful in transporting various goods, including the following:


  • Transportation of raw materials, like seafood, meat, vegetables, and fruits to restaurants or retail stores without compromising the quality.
  • Processed food, frozen food, and packaged food like salmon to reach the destination with freshness.
  • Food products having milk in them like bread, cakes, ice-creams, or any other bakery product.
  • Transporting flowers from one place to the other can be challenging as they are delicate, requiring special care. To maintain their freshness to the maximum extent, refrigerated trucks can help.
  • Some pharmaceutical products like medicines and vaccines need to be stored in particular temperatures until their delivery at the final destination. Refrigerated trucks can offer that temperature to them.

Sending cold items to other provinces of Thailand is now easy with Deliveree. The company ensures the excellent quality of the product with the help of a refrigerated van or truck service. Here are some reasons for choosing the services offered by Deliveree:

  • Every shipment is given the right attention
  • Maintain constant cooling temperature
  • The temperature can be as low as -18 degrees to ensure the safety of the product
  • The maximum weight that can be transported is 1 ton
  • The preservation of the product is the top priority
  • The services use all the modern technology

You can call a car via the Deliveree app for cold deliveries, and it will be done as quickly as possible. You can also hire a cold room car in advance for your convenience.

The process is not at all costly but is another way. The service fee starts from 1100 baht, with the delivery fee depending on the distance traveled.

The drivers are professional, and thus ส่งของเย็นไปต่างจังหวัด is safe.