Value of Customer Satisfaction in Online Survey

More and more businesses are using online surveys as a way of capturing satisfaction feedback from their clients. Advances in technology over the last few years have made it rather cost-effective to collect considerable amounts of information on a constant basis. And organizations have begun to jump onto the bandwagon to collect experience feedback. But if it is not done right, it is easy to wind up with bad results that do not help encourage the tactical or operational decisions which you set out to gain from in the first location.

Customer survey

According to my experience within the last eight years, as manager in a firm that specializes in Customer Experience Measurement and Management, often find that people are challenged when it comes to the way to collect feedback. Perhaps you would like to gauge your clients’ experiences when they visit your shops, browse your web site, or when they interact with your sales partners. If you keep these strategies in your mind, there will be an inherent validity at the captured feedback and you will have confidence in the company decisions which you can make consequently.

  1. Grab comments continuously so you can have a look at trends and cause and effect. A survey found once or twice per year often just does not cut it, especially when you are trying to evaluate how clients feel about state a shopping experience in sweepstakesreward, coping with your sales partners, or the way the shop environment feels to them. These attributes can change over time, vary by region, or change according to who’s managing the stores. If you can catch the comments continuously, and make some operational changes based on the feedback, you should be able to see positive changes in customer satisfaction or customer experience levels over time
  2. Capture enough detail which you can take action – It is not enough to get your clients simply rate you on satisfaction by providing you with a score out of 5. If they give you a low score, you are aware there is an issue, but you do not understand why. Give them room to describe way in a comment box especially if this is an internet survey. You may have the ability to search for groups of key words that keep popping up in the text, such as no follow-ups or long wait-times.

3.Quantity counts – Capture enough responses so as to detect substantial differences between categories. You need a statistically-valid sample size to have the ability to feature your findings to the whole population. Statisticians will tell you that you need 389 answers in a particular class, to have a 10 margin of error on your results. If you have Less than 389 answers for one category, say shop, or sex, or First-time shoppers, you cannot draw any reliable conclusions from your findings since the margin of error will be too big.